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Celebrating in Pride

Happy end of Pride Month, guys! I hope you all had an amazing Pride. It's our month to embrace and celebrate our sexual identities, and to remember all those that fought hard to gain or protect our freedoms before us. Take time each Pride month to reflect, spread love and lift up those that are in need. I was able to celebrate with pride at this year's Twin Cities Pride Festival earlier this month. We had such an amazing time meeting so many amazing people, talking so much sailing, and spreading some love to the queer community!

The mission of Twin Cities Pride is to empower every LGBTQ+ person to live as their true self. We envision a future where all LGBTQ+ people are valued and celebrated for who they are.

You can find more information on the Twin Cities pride event here. We had such an awesome experience at this years Pride festival, we will definitely be back next year.Didn't make it out to the Twin Cities Pride Festival? No worries, you can catch me at my next event, Chicago's Market Days in August. You can find more details on Market Days here.

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