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Phuket Thailand - Sailing Adventure

Wow, what an awesome experience I just had in Phuket Thailand! I just finished two week long charters in one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the enjoyability to sail in. The monolithic limestone rock formations were beyond spectacular, as were the coral reefs and amazing local culture. I'm so grateful to be able to do what I do and share these amazing places with more of you! I was able to put together two mixed groups of guys to travel together and share in this wonderful experience. Simply put, it was truly amazing!

We spent our mornings relaxing, enjoying a fresh cooked breakfast and soaking in the quiet morning scenery. Our days were spent sailing from one amazing island harbor to another, with many stops to cool ourselves in the refreshing tropical waters. Afternoons and evenings were for exploring the many islands, bechases and coral reefs, with cold beverages and delicious dinners to top off each amazing day. Such an awesome, connecting adventure for everyone that was aboard! Missed this boat? Don't get left behind. I'm available for private group destination charters, or join one of my preplanned charters, for a trip of a lifetime! Send me a message if you would like more information on a private group charter. Are you ready for a truly a life changing experience?

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