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Preplanned Charters

Preplanned Charters

Our Preplanned Charters are a great vacation option for couples or individuals looking to join other gay men for an awesome sailing experience. Everything is handled for you, just show up gay and fabulous, and ready to meet new people.

Our mission is providing gay sailing vacations that offer quality service, a welcoming environment, and the freedom to vacation the way you want. We feel our Preplanned Charters are a perfect way to embrace this vacationology!


How Our Preplanned Charters Work?

The good news is there isn't much for you to do. We try and make the planning, booking and the charter process as easy as 1, 2, 3...


All of our preplanned charters are planned out perfectly for an 8 day, 7 night exotic sailing vacation. Details from beverages to meals are customized to suit our guest's needs and desires, and always including local cuisine delicacies. Once all the details are planned out for our guests, we then offer single person spots in shared cabins, or private, double-occupancy cabins for our guests to book. Our charters are all-inclusive so meals, beverages, activities, boat fees, and travel insurance are all included in our upfront pricing.


We provide as much information about each Preplanned Charter as we can, beforehand; including: pricing, dates, locations, activities, general itineraries, and more. Once you are comfortable and have decided to vacation with us, we offer deposits and split payments, so guests can spread the cost burden out over time. We really want guests to have piece of mind and a good level of comfort when booking with us, so we also include travel insurance with each booking, for our guests.


Up to and during your sailing charter, we help and handle as much as we can for our guests. Before your charter start date, we host a planning video call with each booking, to help you prepare for your travels. While on charter, food and beverage services are provided from a dedicated crew member. Handsome Captain Beau handles all boat related duties and is your personal travel guide for your adventure. Everything is handled for our guests, so they can focus on their vacation, and taking in the beautiful views!


Upcoming Preplanned Charters

The Bahamas

Come explore one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world! Pink sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs, secluded anchorages, and fuzzy little piggies are waiting to swim with you in this tropical paradise!


British Virgin Island

If the British Virgin Islands don't tempt you, I'm not sure what will! This eclectic group of tropical islands is both stunningly beautiful, and sinfully playful. The adult playground of the Caribbean! Your Ticket to Paradise!

Private Group Charter

Our private group charters are perfect for groups of 4 to 8 people. These charters are completely customized to suit your needs and desires, including food, beverages, sailing location, travel dates and so much more!


Ready for a Sailing Adventure?


Meet Your Captain:
“Daddy” Beau

Captain Beau has been sailing since he was in diapers, learning to sail in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore area of Lake Superior. Well, things are a little BIGGER now, but Captain Beau still has a child’s joy when it comes to sailing and sharing the beautiful waters of the world with his guests. He has sailed some 100,000 nautical miles in his life, in amazing destinations like Greece, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the Bahamas.

Captain Beau’s home base is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he enjoys time with his amazing husband and handsome pup, BoJack. His husband is a busy professional, but loves sailing and joins Captain Beau on the water every chance he can. You are in for a real treat if he joins as crew, as he is an amazing chef and host!

You are in good hands with Captain Beau. He is discrete and professional, but definitely interested in showing his guests a great time. He’s also not one to shy away from a good nude sail or serving up some bulge to quench some thirst. We promise a great time on your gay sailing adventure with Captain Beau manning the wheel!

Need some Daddy swag?






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