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Hello, I am Captain Beau.
A licensed sailboat captain, specializing in small group catamaran sailing vacations, for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.


I want my guests to have the most fabulous vacation they have ever had, with no pressure to vacation like our heterosexual counterparts! I offer all-are-welcome private group charters in your group’s desired sailing location, or pre-planned charters specifically for gay men where you are able to book a private cabin or an individual spot in a shared cabin. All of my charters are all-inclusive, offer up-front prices, include a chef to prepare our meals, and feature myself as your captain and guide. My guests biggest concern is how much swimwear to pack!


Meet Your Captain:
Captain “Daddy” Beau

Captain Beau has been sailing since he was in diapers, learning to sail in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore area of Lake Superior. Well, things are a little BIGGER now, but Captain Beau still has a child’s joy when it comes to sailing and sharing the beautiful waters of the world with his guests. He has sailed some 100,000 nautical miles in his life, in amazing destinations like Greece, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the Bahamas.

Captain Beau’s home base is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he enjoys time with his amazing husband and handsome pup, BoJack. His husband is a busy professional, but loves sailing and joins Captain Beau on the water every chance he can. You are in for a real treat if he joins as crew, as he is an amazing chef and host!

You are in good hands with Captain Beau. He is discrete and professional, but definitely interested in showing his guests a great time. He’s also not one to shy away from a good nude sail or serving up some bulge to quench some thirst. We promise a great time on your gay sailing adventure with Captain Beau manning the wheel!

  • What are the start times and ending times of each charter?
    Typically charters run for 8 days, Saturday to Saturday, unless requested differently. Guests are able to board between 3 and 5 pm on the charter start date, and depart by 9 am on the charter end date.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Great Question! Typically guests are wearing a swimsuit during the day (or less), and light clothing in the evenings. Most charter guests will only need one long pant and shirt for your charter, the rest should be shorts, tanks and tees. You will also need personal toiletries, a beach towel, and water socks are also recommended. Linens are provided.
  • What about storage and luggage?
    Well, we are on a boat, so space can be limited. We recommend using soft sided luggage, and not over packing.
  • Will I get sea sick?
    You could. It is recommended that if you are unsure if, or you do have a tendency to get motion sickness, that you bring a preventative medication like Dramamine.
  • Do I have to pay all at once?
    Nope! We take a deposit upfront, fully refundable for 48 hours or until the charter waiver has been signed. Then the remaining balance is due 90 days prior to departure.
  • What if I'm traveling alone?
    Don't worry, we are in this together! Individuals joining a mixed group will be sharing a cabin with another traveler. Each cabin has queen sized beds, so there is plenty of space. Adventure ready vacationing!
  • Are these trips sexual?
    If you are wondering if my charters are orgies, no they are not. Is there freedom to vacation as your authentic self? Absolutely, and this might include nudity and sexual actives. My intention is to create a safe, welcoming space where everyone feels comfortable to be their authentic selves.
  • How can I charge my devices on the boat?
    There are USB plugs in each cabin for you to charge your devices. Please plan on using USB to whatever device that needs charging. This will be the only way to charge devices while aboard.
  • Do I need to bring sunscreen?
    Bring some, but I'll have extra onboard. I recommend bringing a small bottle of your favorite sunscreen. The sun is very intense out on the water. I will always have extra sunscreen onboard, just in case!
  • What do you mean by adventure vacation?
    Basically, if you can handle "glamping," you can handle a Nauti Daddy Sailing Company vacation. We are aboard yachts that sell new for $1.5 million or more, so you will have most of the comforts of home, but there will have to be some concessions made. Small sacrifices in order to sail and explore these magical places by water.
  • Tipping Etiquette?
    I think it's important to tip people who bring us good service. Have we gotten out of control with tipping, yes, but this is different. Your crew will be working 16 hours a day, for 8 days, to ensure you are safe, well fed, and have an amazing adventure. The crew on a sailboat is the perfect example of why we tip; they work their asses off for you. Remember to tip your Captain and Chef!
  • Head on the Boat (Toilet addition)
    If you can handle the head situation on a sailboat (toilet), you can handle an adventure vacation. Toilets on a boat run a little differently than what we use on land. They basically work the same, but the operation is a little more comprehensive. Not difficult, not gross, just different. Here is a good instructional video, just so you can get an understanding of how they work. Most important part, no paper products in the bowl!
  • Will I get claustrophobic? See what it's like aboard a catamaran sailboat:
    If you have a real issue with small spaces, this might not be the trip for you. Please watch this video to get a feel of what it's like staying aboard a catamaran sailboat. This is part of the adventure!
  • What if I have more questions?
    No worries! We want to be upfront and as clear as possible with everything dealing with our charters. If you still have questions, we recommend scheduling a quick video call with Captain Beau. He has no problem answering your charter questions, and putting you at ease with your charter booking. Click below to schedule your video call!

Are you ready for an amazing gay
sailing adventure?

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