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Ever watched the show Below Deck? Well it's like that, but we act more like the crew then the guests! We are also not aboard a mega yacht, have more than two crew members aboard for your charter, or ever wear that much clothing. But we do have just as much fun, see the same beautiful places, travel aboard a catamaran sailboat, and cost a fraction of the price as a mega yacht.

Captain Beau and Nauti Daddy Sailing Company handle all the details and planning for your group of 4 to 8 guests' private sailing charter. We take the hassle and headaches out of planning your vacation, the troubles and work out of crewing the sailboat, and the worry of hidden costs and fees out of the booking process.

Let us plan, prepare for and take you on an amazing gay sailing charter aboard a beautiful catamaran sailboat. Sail, swim, and relax in your group's desired destination, with a professional Captain to guide you on your journey, and a host/cook to handle all of your food and beverage needs. All of your vacation desires met, at affordable, all-inclusive prices.

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Pick your groups private charter options, below. Guests can select the start date, charter location,  how many guests, type of charter, activities, and chef preferences. Then submit to Captain Beau. All charters have a 7 night duration.



Once your selections have been submitted, Captain Beau will review your charter selections, ensure availability, check pricing and provide you with a charter outline to review. Did you know everything is included; food, beverages, boat, Captain and Chef.



Once you are satisfied with the charter outline, we make your reservation and book your sailboat! Deposits are $5,000 and due at the time of booking. Remaining balance due 60 days prior to departure.

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plan your private charter

Select Charter Location
How does your group identify?
Chef to handle meals and dishes?
What activities are you interested in during your charter?

Nice Work. You are one step closer to booking a trip of a lifetime! After you submit your charter planning form, Captain Beau will confirm your charter requests, then return a charter quote back to you. Once approved, we'll collect your charter deposit, locking in your requested charter date, location, sailboat and price. We make the charter process that easy!

private charter FAQ's

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Charter Times

All charters run Saturday to Saturday. Starting on Saturday at 5 pm, and ending at 9 am the following Saturday.

Fresh Feta Salad

Payment Times

Deposits are due at the time of booking. The remaining charter balance is due 60 days prior to the departure start date.




You won't be disappointed as we sail through your group's desired vacation destination aboard a 1.2+ Million dollar catamaran sailboat. Luxury boating, with all the comforts of home.

Our chartered (rented) vessels have 3 to 5 cabins, with sleeping available for 4-8 guests, typically 2 - 4 bathrooms, and the crowd favorite, a deck shower for outdoor bathing. Guests enjoy private cabins, lounge space for sunbathing and cocktailing, several seating areas for relaxing or reading, a full kitchen, a dinghy for shore excursions and much more!

In every destination we charter like-new catamaran sailboats, through reputable rental companies, to provide our guests with the very best possible sailing vacation experience. Watch a video tour of a catamaran we often use on our trips.

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