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Ditch the Filter: Vacation as your Authentic Self

We all know vacations are good for us. A break from the daily grind, a chance to recharge, and maybe even get a nice tan. But what if your vacation could be even more? What if it could be a journey of self-discovery?

Here's the thing, vacations are often filled with expectations. We imagine perfectly curated Instagram moments, fabulous outfits, and following a pre-planned itinerary. But constantly performing a "highlight reel" version of yourself can be exhausting. This is your time to unwind, to shed those expectations, and embrace your authentic self.

So how do you vacation authentically? Here are a few tips from someone who has witnessed this magic first hand:

Ditch the "shoulds." Who says you have to spend every minute sightseeing? Maybe you crave lazy beach days or getting lost in a good book. Do what truly brings you joy.

Embrace your interests, no matter how quirky or kinky. Perhaps skinny dipping for the first time has always tantalized your vacation dreams, or sunbathing alfresco floats your boat. This is your opportunity to take that leap!

Don't be afraid to be alone. Solo travel can be incredibly rewarding. It allows you to connect with yourself and explore at your own pace. Also a great way to disconnect and meet new, authentic people.

Be open to new experiences. Step outside your comfort zone and try something different. You never know what hidden passions you might discover.

By vacationing authentically, you're not just giving yourself a break, you're giving yourself the chance to reconnect with who you truly are, and permission to be your true self. You might be surprised at what you find; yourself.

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