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Spreading the Love - Celebrating Casey and Pflipsen Films

This month I'm going to spread some love and share information about this handsome sailor, Casey Pflipsen. Casey joined me for a mixed gay group charter in The Bahamas, this past November. He was brought aboard to do some photo and videography work for Nauti Daddy Sailing Company, and he did not disappoint! Casey specializes in traditional film photography and 16 mm camera videography, giving his work a retro and nostalgic vibe. I'm very excited to be able to collaborate with this bright, up and coming, queer film maker located in Minneapolis.

Casey started his career in the wedding photography industry, quickly developing his niche with the queer community. He has since expanded his talents, driving his focus into the queer cinematography. Brilliant! Thank you, Casey for this awesome depiction of a day in the life, on a small group sailing charter with Nauti Daddy Sailing Co. Please Enjoy!

CREDIT: You can find more information about Pflipsen Films here.

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