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What to pack for a gay sailing vacation?

This month I thought I'd run through some of the things to, and not to pack for a gay sailing adventure. Grab your travel buddy and take some notes!

Let's start with the biggest no no when packing for a gay sailing trip. Don't pack too much! I know this is the hardest part for us gays, but you don't need that much stuff. Typically my charters are in tropical destinations. This means one warm outfit, and the rest beach wear. It's up to you, but we don't wear much while we are out on the water, so pack accordingly. I also recommend using the same swimsuit for swimming in saltwater, so you create less dirty laundry and have less wear on our cute swimsuits!

One thing to pack too much of, swimsuits and comfy clothes. This is what you will be in most of the time. I wear speedos and honestly, underwear most of the time. I like to be comfortable and I don't like wearing many clothes, but you do you! You wear what you want, I just highly suggest comfortable clothing.

Here are a few items to bring, besides clothing. Soft sided luggage; this saves space in your cabin and moving around the sailboat. Motion sickness medicine; this is your responsibility to bring. If you think you might get sea sick, bring motion sickness medication with you. I recommend the patch style treatments. USB Cords; this is what you can always use while aboard to charge your devices.

Well this isn't everything, but it's a good start to your charter's packing planning. You don't need much, but these are some of the essentials to think about. I didn't go into the gay packing essentials, but we can discuss those items after you're booked with me, on our charter planning video call!

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