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What is there to do on a sailing vacation?

I often get asked, "What else?" What else is there to do while on the sailboat? Don't you get bored? Absolutely not! There is so much to see and do on a sailboat, you will honestly not have enough time to get it all in. I understand we are an instant gratification society, and our attention span is minimal at best,

but there is so much to keep you busy while aboard. Beyond taking in the amazing sights by water, discovering all the special attributes each location has to offer- maybe read book you have been meaning to get to.

Often guests will journal about life or specifically about their trip. Music is always part of our journey, including dance parties, sing-a-longs, quiet reflection or just enjoying your favorite beats. Riding the waves at the front of the boat is a thrill, when we do have some waves. Enjoying delicious meals and beverages, is even more scrumptious while aboard. Some guests enjoy learning during their travels- about sailing and boating in general, as well as about the local area we are exploring. Getting some much needed sun is definitely top of mind for most. Guests enjoy sunning themselves on the bow of the boat, high up on the bridge deck, or on a floaty in the clear, crisp water. Maybe you need a little more stimulation, games are always a hit and are on board at all times for guests to enjoy.

See! There is so much to do while aboard, and we just named a few. There is so much to keep you occupied while on the water, but honestly taking in the views and living in the moment are the most important and fulfilling aspects of my charters. I promise you will be refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world after you disembark from our adventure!

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