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The Elephant in the Room: Nudity Onboard

This month I thought I'd talk about the elephant in the room, nudity onboard. I often get asked if my charters are basically an orgy? No, they are definitely not an orgy. I don't think I would ever have any spots, or be open for business very long, if that was the case! They are however a welcoming, inclusive, safe vacation space where gay men can be their authentic selves. This often includes times of nudity.

At the onset of our charter we discuss nudity as a group, to ensure everyone's comfortable and feels safe. We go over consent, acceptance, and treating each other with respect. I do not allow bullying, hate or disrespect on my charters. The good news is, this is really never an issue!

These charters become a bonding experience where all walks of gay life come together to celebrate one another and enjoy an amazing vacation experience together. The bun deck, skinny dipping, open air deck showers, and random boat boners definitely contribute to this unique experience! I want nothing more than to share the beautiful waters of the world, with amazing gay men, in a safe and comfortable vacation setting.

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